Six weeks in on the AIP

I’m six weeks into my eight-week elimination phase of the AIP. When I started this at the end of August, I immediately counted out when eight weeks would be because I wanted to mark it on my calendar so that I would know this is when I will stop feeling deprived. But the truth of the matter is, I’m not really feeling all that deprived!

Why I’m not feeling deprived on AIP

I’ve eaten delicious food (nearly the entire time), my blood sugar has stabilized, and I’m not feeling those “twingy, creepy” feelings in my leg (probably my sign of inflammation).

In a way, I’m in semi-shock that I have less than two weeks, potentially, until I can start gradually reintroducing foods. I literally feel like I just started this whole thing.

What’s been working
The last several weekends, I’ve found pockets of time usually in the early evening after dinner’s been finished, that I have some energy to do some batch cooking. Batch cooking always seemed like a great idea in my head but it never became a reality until now. I keep mentioning these in my blog posts, but it’s because they’ve seriously become staples! Every week I make Phoenix Helix’s Juice Jello, and the Paleo Mom’s plantain crackers. I could probably make them more than once a week, but I try to get them to last as long as possible.

I also tend to roast meat on Sunday in the crockpot, and depending on the size of the chicken, or hunk of pork, I’ll have a good bit of meat left over for several days that I can incorporate into other meals and leftovers.

It also seems to be a good idea to make a big pot of soup that I can reheat anytime of day for a quick nourishing meal. I was introduced to Mel’s Golden Cauliflower soup when I found this very fun blog It turns out we use the same functional medicine doctor too!

So, to simplify, if you want to do some batch cooking, but keep it semi-light, I’d recommend:

  • slow-roasting some meat in your crockpot with AIP-safe spices
  • making jello, plantain crackers, or other desired AIP “snack” food
  • making soup you can reheat at any time for a quick, nourishing meal

What’s not been working

This past week, for the first time since I’ve been on the protocol, I’ve had some serious intestinal distress. Usually, eating paleo means I have less tummy troubles, but something has thrown me for a loop this week. I can’t figure out yet if it’s a particular food I’m eating over and over again (but I will start documenting more intently), or if it’s a change in the supplements I’m taking as I added two new supplements in, or if it’s some other factor I haven’t narrowed in on. My fear? That I have SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) and I need to go on a low-fodmaps diet. Not sure what that is? Read here to get a better idea. Do I have any proof to substantiate this fear? Not necessarily, except for my recent experiences with avocado. Oh, well. To quote Kelly Clarkson, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Stronger, just me, myself and No Avocado.

And what I need to work on

I’m pretty awful at going to bed early There’s much room for improvement for me in the sleep department. I made a goal to get in bed by 11 this past week and mostly met it except for the last couple of nights. Ideally, I’d be in bed by 10 and falling asleep by 10:30. In order for my body to really take advantage of the changes I’ve made, I need to give it ample opportunity to rest and recuperate! I’ve read so much about how great changes can be made in diet and lifestyle but if you’re not getting sleep, a lot can be undone. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I also need to be better about incorporating organ meat into my diet. Confession! I’m six weeks in and haven’t consumed a single bite of liver. Or kidney, or heart. Let’s be honest, I don’t even have the latter two, but I do have plenty of frozen chicken liver in my freezer, and it’s supposed to be a godsend for missing minerals and vitamins and all that good stuff.

So, those are my goals for this week. Figure out what’s upsetting me’ ol’ tummy, and get in bed earlier, and finally, going primally inspired and semi-thawing some chicken liver and cutting it up into tiny pieces I can throw back like a pill and get all my vitamins A-Z on.

Where are you on the AIP? What’s been working for you, or conversely, what hasn’t? What are you goals for the next week?

BTW, looking for AIP inspiration? Check out my Autoimmune Protocol board here on Pinterest for recipes and good blogs. And follow me on Instagram @ NaturallyInProgress 🙂

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