What Makes My Life Ten Times Easier on the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Part II

qrdhsllomha5gIn my last post, I detailed how meal planning and plotting out 4-5 meals a week, PLUS making one or two soups for the week helps me get by and avoid getting hangry. Because no wants to be hangry.

What also helps? Knowing what foods and ingredients I can use, and where I can get them (for cheap!). There’s varying levels of “thrift” to describe shoppers and I’m somewhere in the middle of the spectrum of thrift and extravagance. But if there’s one thing I LOVE to do, it’s getting a good deal! When you start the autoimmune protocol, it’s quite possible you’ll be spending some dough building up your pantry with some new-to-you ingredients, and I have great news: There’s a thrifty way to do that!

Enter Thrive Market.

If you haven’t heard of it, Thrive Market is described as “Whole Foods meets Costco.” It’s pantry, grocery and some household items at “wholesale prices” and they cater to gluten-free, paleo, etc. You can register for free and begin a free 30-day membership trial, where your first order is 15% off! If you decide to join, it’s an annual fee of $59, which, in my experience, I quickly surpassed in savings!

Here’s what I love to buy from Thrive Market:

Do you shop at Thrive? If so, what do you love??


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